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Cathedra in flames:

Reminiscences of Miklós Szentkuthy

Miklós Szentkuthy, a distinguished figure in 20th century Hungarian prose, was an exceptional lecturer adored by students as a “scholarly accomplice and uproarious partner in crime”. This is confirmed by the book compiled from the recollections of his students. It sketches a realistic and credible portrait of the grand teacher-wizard by flashing the manifold adventures of various people.

Former, now famous students like Gábor Mádi Szabó and the now deceased actor Imre Sinkovits, Olympic champion Oszkár Csuvik, and comedian Pál Peterdi give testimonies along with teachers, lawyers, doctors, scientists, graphics, sculptors, and finally, some young writers and literary historians. He taught them the art of writing and analysis of “no high school level” and was a role model for all of them.