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Imre Antal, the Csango painter

The art of Imre Antal shows loving the homeland and celebrating its values in a way that the modern man can also understand. It shows a way for preserving the treasures of the past for the future.

The life of Imre Antal is a little like the story of Áron Tamási’s adventurous Székely character, Ábel.

Imre Antal also went to ‘explore the world.’ He studied at the art workshops of Transylvanian cities and right from the beginning he was part of the Makó Artist Colony. (…) But he knows that ‘we are in this world to feel like home somewhere.’ For him, this home is the world of the Ghimes region. (…) Imre Antal shows us this world. His paintings invite us to go and discover this miracle. After all, all we have to do is cross the mountains.”

Németh Zsolt