Zsolt Krahulcsán

“Save as”

Holding on to power throughout the regime change

“I look at the changes within state security organizations in the year 1989 from the ruling party’s viewpoint; I investigate from the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party’s perspective how the relationship between the political police and the party changed and how its balance shifted.”

“This last point leads us to the question what practical steps the HSWP took in the last months of its existence to guarantee the survival of its power and influence in the future. They organized a political information system; they consolidated the ownership of party-owned real estate in order to protect party property (according to the share capital extension register of the company NEXT 2000 Inc., this included party hotels, guest houses, school facilities, workshops, garages, the party headquarters, and the computing center at a cumulative value of 1,162,365,645 HUF) and they took advantage of new opportunities by investing their wealth kept in accounts under fake names and setting up various business organizations.